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We are excited to announce that we have completed another installation for a world leading electric car manufacturer.


The installation was completed at their factory in Düsseldorf, DE.


This installation incorporates a full prep deck with a built in ramp, a track and skate system to manoeuvre vehicles between working areas with ease, a Hades curtain booth with another built in ramp to suit the customers requirements.

It also has a Nemesis Spraybooth with an E7 Greentech Gas catalytic dryer witch is very adaptable as the E7 can be manoeuvred from overhead to either side of the vehicle. We also incorporated the Hercules Spraybooth with an E6 Greentech Gas catalytic dryer. Perfect for that final coat.  

Behind the Spray booths there is a fully equipped Paint mixing room with abounded floor and viewing windows and to top it off there is a full WORKY Dust extraction system with all of the necessary tools to get the job done.


This installation is just another example of how we're able to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for their manufacturing needs.



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