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The ‘Hercules’ 6000 Series Spraybooths combine the high performance and quality of Todd Engineering’s top of the range booths with the very latest in IR Gas Catalytic drying technology.

The spray booth specification includes the Greentech E6 robotized IR arch which features 9 specific catalytic lamps. The ultra-fast curing times associated with using this technology present bodyshops with greater throughput, efficiency and vast energy savings compared to conventional curing technologies.

The technology works by passing natural methane or LPG gas through a platinum-based catalyst which works to split the carbon and hydrogen atoms of the gas molecules to create heat. That energy is then passed through the front of the catalyst where it mixes with oxygen; the oxygen combines with carbon molecules to create CO2 and with hydrogen to create H2O. The result is Infrared energy that is emitted out of the device in a uniform low-intensity heat.

The heat is in the form of medium wavelength energy which has a spectrum wavelength which can directly penetrate the molecule of any paint product; thus allowing a full cure in just a few minutes!

Standard Specifications of the E6 include:

  • Drying time is reduced by more than 50%
  • Fuel consumption is reduced by 80%
  • Productivity Increased by 30%
  • Rapid Payback on Investment
  • Safe, Flameless heater technology approved for ATEX hazardous areas.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Gas Catalytic Panels do not produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), moreover they abate VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) with consequent reduction of toxic emissions.

The Hercules features Todd Engineering’s latest LED lighting and Inverter variable speed drive technology to further enhance energy savings.

Key Features of the Hercules 6000 Series Spraybooth:

  • Includes Greentech E6 Robotized IR Arch
  • 35,000m³/hr Air Handling Capacity
  • Full Downdraught with Low Profile Raised Floors Available
  • High-Performance Direct Drive Backwards Curved Centrifugal Fans
  • Inverter Variable Speed Drive Motor Control
  • Latest LED Lighting Technology


The ‘Hercules’ is a downdraught type spraybooth which features Todd Engineering’s LP157 HVEX low profile downdraught floor, the downdraught design ensures all overspray and dirt is pulled immediately to floor level and held there during the spraying process, this eliminates overspray contaminating other areas of the paintwork and ensures a perfect finish. The full-size ceiling air input plenum helps facilitate this design by producing an even through flow of heated air that completely envelops the vehicle, meaning all areas of the car including sills are heated to the required panel temperature evenly for rapid curing


The spraybooth cabin is constructed using double skinned rock-wool insulated panels with a white polyester finish both internally and externally, the panels include built-in steel sections to provide support for the E6 arch, this design eliminates the need for an additional framework that would encroach into the cabin and provides a flush and more complete finish. Panel sections are joined with bright aluminium sections which give a seamless and attractive finish that takes away the exposed joints that would otherwise be filled with sealant.


The spraybooth plant work is fitted with two high performance 4.0kW direct-drive aerofoil bifurcated axial fans to achieve the design airflow rate of 25,000m³/hr. This provides a rate of 4 air changes per minute within the cabin, with extracted air being exhausted to the atmosphere. The extraction system is fitted with two-stage filtration incorporating 50mm EU2 paint stop filter and EU3 blue pre-filter; this ensures that emissions meet EPA requirements. The spraybooth is capable of operating at temperature ranges of up to 45 degrees in spray and flash-off modes and up to 90 degrees in bake.


Todd Engineering has developed a state-of-the-art LED lighting system specifically for use in our range of spraybooths that meet and surpass the very highest standards required in the automotive refinishing sector. The cabin is superbly lit with high-level light pods which are angled to reduce glare and shadowing, these pods are outfitted with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system that gives illumination levels in excess of +1800 lux through the use of high output LED SMD Chips designed to give colour temperature of 5000K @ 90CRI which offers unrivalled lighting quality when colour matching. These LED’s consume 50% less energy than conventional tubes with an equivalent light output and operate via an external low voltage driver at 36VDC. The lighting is fitted with a hi-tech laser-etched ‘Luminit’ film which removes the visual appearance of each individual LED and creates a flat panel of light which is distributed and angled to prevent glare and shadowing. The light pods are finished with a frameless toughened glass cover and intumescent seal to separate electronics from the booth atmosphere.

Spraying Cycle

Fresh air is drawn from the atmosphere & is heated to the required temperature. It then passes through EU5 ceiling filters into the booth & over the vehicle carrying away paint overspray & vapours. The air is extracted via a twin dry filter system & exhausted to atmosphere. By using recommended filters with regular changes, 99% of pollutants can be captured.


The spraybooth is fitted with a direct-fired gas/LPG burner with an output of 170kW or 600,000Btu’s/hr; this allows input air to be rapidly heated to the pre-set temperature on the control panel, cabin temperature is then held within +/- 1 degree. A Pneumatic changeover system allows to spraybooth to recirculate air within the cabin to attain a low bake temperature.

Noise Levels

Comfortable working cabin levels of between 60-65 dB, variable speed motors contribute to 50% lower dB outbreak levels.

Main Doors

The main vehicle entry doors are a three-leaf construction that opens in a concertina fashion which saves space on the doors overall opening distance. Door Hinges have been designed specifically for application in spraybooths and are made through aluminium extrusion in a white powder-coated finish, white plastic cover plates then cover the fixing bolts to complete the look of the hinge. Two individual locking mechanisms allow one single leaf door to be used as a second personnel door; this is fitted with a self-closer and dictators to provide a good seal. The door frame has a white powder-coated finish and a built-in rubber compression seal, each door has a large full-length glass viewing panel framed in aluminium increasing internal booth visibility

Personnel Door

A second personnel door can be fitted to any wall panel, generally to the rear of the cabin to provide a safe fire escape route. The door is fitted within its own white powder coated frame complete with self-closer, dictators, full-length viewing window, extruded aluminium hinges and rubber compression seals.

Control Panel

The Spraybooth control system is fully integrated with the E6 Robot for seamless and reliable operation, it uses the latest technology available to give the operator intelligent and user-friendly control of all processes. Simple push-button controls are used for cycle selection and lighting, meaning in most cases the booth can be controlled with one touch of a button. The intelligent programming of the PLC based system monitors and adjusts cabin pressure and temperature to suit and displays the current spraybooth status on a 3.5” full colour TFT Touchscreen display. Separate controllers for temperature and cycle time duration are fully adjustable by the operator and give a clear indication of set points, current temperature and remaining process time.

Inverter Variable Speed Drives

All Todd Engineering spraybooths are fitted with Inverter variable speed drives to electronically balanced cabin pressure, this is achieved by controlling the fan speeds using the inverters. This method of control is beneficial in maximising the energy efficiency of the spraybooth by only running the fans the speed required by the process. The inverters also increase the life expectancy and reduce maintenance of all associated components including the motor, driveshafts, and bearings through controlled acceleration and deceleration of the motors, this also eliminates electrical surges as the spraybooth is started.

Greentech E6 Plus Robotic Gas Catalytic IR Technology

The principals behind Gas Catalytic infrared technology is based on utilising a medium wavelength energy which has a spectrum wavelength which is able to directly penetrate the molecule of any paint product instantly bringing cross-linking in a few minutes. The differences between this and other technologies is all down to the wavelength, electrical IR technologies produce short wavelength energy below 2 microns which passes through the paint molecules and into the substrate material beneath; resulting in the material being heated to cure the paint. Conventional spraybooths cure paint through convection which first heats air to transmit energy to the part to cure the paint. The panels of the E6 produce IR Energy at a medium wavelength of between 3-8 microns which directly penetrates the paint molecules resulting in a full cure within minutes

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