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Todd Engineering caters to businesses across various industries with customized spray booths designed to meet their unique needs. From automotive accident repair spray booths to expansive commercial booths equipped with fully automated mass production paint finishing systems, we offer a diverse range of solutions tailored to each customer's specific requirements.

Energy-Efficient Technology in spray booths

Energy-Efficient Technology

Todd Engineering has an active research and development programme to ensure that the product range continuously improves. This progressive approach offers significant benefits to the customer, ranging from reductions in energy consumption and running costs to an improved working environment for Bodyshop operatives. 

Bodyshop paint finishing services, including dust extraction and compressed air, can account for as much as 90% of the business’ energy usage. However, considering the cost of gas and electricity increasing, bodyshops are looking to be minimising the impact on their profits. 

Automotive Spray Booth Equipment

Automotive applications

Todd Engineering Ltd is a leading supplier of a broad range of Bodyshop solutions; the market-leading automotive spray booths are the best selling sector. 

Airflow, location, and budget are all primary factors that Todd Engieering considers to offer a wide variety of options designed to improve your paint facility efficiency, throughput, and quality. The Todd Engineering spray booths and equipment help drive the unrivalled performance and productivity of your Bodyshop. 



Todd Engineering's Titan spray booth equipment delivers the perfect spraying environment for any industrial application. 

We have supplied these to a wide range of clients; we create tailored solutions to meet the customer's specific requirements. The design and layout can be tailored to customer requirements regarding extraction, access doors, plant layout and internal dimensions. The Titan spray booth has been designed to offer customers total flexibility on the choice of layout.


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About Todd Engineering

The UK's Leading paint spray booth manufacturer, Todd Engineering Ltd, was founded by the Todd family in the early Nineties.

The company's factory is located in Staffordshire, on the edge of the industrial Midlands, close to many suppliers. A skilled workforce undertakes the design and manufactures all the spray booths, many of whom have started with the company in an apprenticeship.

Todd Engineering is proud of its wide range of high-quality spray booths, ovens and Bodyshop equipment. Their efficient in-house design, installation and customer care team have all contributed to high customer satisfaction and the company's rapid growth over the last 30 years.

Todd Engineering manufactures all their spray booths in-house; they supply a wide variety of booths and equipment, ranging from the Olympian 1000 series spray booth, which suits independent Bodyshops and businesses, to the Titan CV series, commercial spray booth.

Todd Engineering has been praised for treating each customer as an individual; they pride themselves in offering a bespoke service to ensure they deliver equipment to suit the customer's business needs.

Using the latest in spray booth technology, Todd Engineering offers an energy-efficient solution on many of their products to save you money and time.

Recently Todd Engineering has formed partnerships with three Italian manufacturers, Greentech Dryers, Eurosider and WORKY. They are the sole UK distributor for all three manufacturers to ensure they can offer the very best equipment for a complete turnkey solution.

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Who are Greentech?

Greentech Dryers develop and manufacture catalytic drying systems powered by methane gas and LPG.
Their technology is the union of 40 years of experience in the automotive and refinishing sector and the desire to create dryers capable of optimising the workflow, cutting operating costs and improving the manufacturing quality.

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Who are Eurosider:

Since 1973 EUROSIDER® has built a global reputation in the field of non-cryogenic industrial gas. The company design, produces and markets specialist equipment for the on-site production of Nitrogen and Oxygen. Todd Engineering distributes their Nirtortherm system. EUROSIDER®spatented NITROTHERM® SPRAY system is a revolution in coating application technology.

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Who are WORKY?

WORKY is an entirely Italian manufacturing company located in the heart of the Emilia Motor Valley, which stands out for the high quality of its achievements. WORKY designs and manufactures plant engineering solutions for the repair activity of motorcycles, cars and other vehicles, particularly exhaust gas extraction systems, fluid and energy distribution, dust extraction and welding fumes extraction systems.

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For more information on the range of spray booths and Bodyshop equipment, please contact the head office.

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