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Todd Engineering offers full service and break-down support to its customers through its sister company Spraybooth Service & Maintenance Ltd.

In 2019 Todd Engineering decided to split the new installation team and the service team into two companies.

This was the start of SSM (Spraybooth Service & Maintenance), in dividing the company they are now able to better serve the existing customers by maintaining their spray booth.

Lee Todd now runs the new installation teams while Chris Todd Runs the Service department.


At SSM (Spraybooth Service and Maintenance), we provide quick, professional and dependable service and maintenance contracts for your business.

We pride ourselves on customer service and tailoring each of our spray booth services to suit our customers.

We only use thoroughly trained and qualified engineers employed directly by SSM; we never use a third party to complete our work. Each engineer has vast experience in all aspects of spray booth service and maintenance.

We have clients from various businesses and industries, ranging from small independent body shops to large groups with multiple sites nationwide. We undertake spray booth services, maintenance and breakdowns for all makes of spray booths, Paint Mixing Rooms and other Bodyshop equipment with minimum downtime for your business.

To organise your spray booth service and maintenance check, contact our team on 01889 343 115 or fill out the form below.

If you need any service, maintenance or breakdown requirements, please contact the office and speak to Danielle or Billy (Any breakdowns we aim to attend within 24/48 hours)


We carry out a range of spray booth legislative testing services required under COSHH, EPA, PAS125 Kitemark, Manufacturer and Insurer Audit requirements. We are committed to assuring that your safety and methods are taken care of and adherence to industry legislation.

Our spray booth engineers are all equipped and qualified to ensure your equipment is running safely and that you remain compliant. From Spraybooth Mist Clearance / Smoke Clearance, Breathing Air Quality (BA) and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV), we can provide a solution to your legislative testing requirements. Certification is supplied as standard with all testing.


Here at SSM we have an extensive range of filters for a range of spray booth makes and models. Our spray booth filter products are made to the highest standards and are designed to be used in high-performance equipment. All of our spray booth filters feature:

  • White Input filter - is used to clean any dust particles coming into the booth from either your shop input or your external Input Ducting. Our input Filters are 22mm thick and need replacing every 12 months along with your annual service.
  • Blue and White Pre-Extract Filter – which go behind the green extract filter to help stop any paint particles from going into the atmosphere. Our blue and white pre-filter is 20mm thick.
  • Green Extract Filter – this is your primary filter for extraction which is fibre glass and 65mm thickness which also collects any paint particles being extracted out of the booth.
  • We Recommend replacing both extraction filters once every 1/2 weeks, depending on your productivity.
  • We also supply various other Filters for paint mix rooms etc. For any Filter enquiries please contact Stacie – – 01889 343115


Whether you're searching for replacement lights or a new temperature probe following a breakdown, our team at SSM can deliver and install spray booth parts to get your equipment back up and running again.

We have a vast range of spare parts in stock and readily available; this can minimise the inconvenience and cost to your business.

Many of our items are available for same-day dispatch and next day delivery, so you can be confident your spray booth parts will arrive in no time at all.

SSM are sister to Todd Engineering, but this doesn't mean we can't help with a range of make and models of spray booths.

We offer the best value spare parts. Whatever the make of your spray booth and whatever parts you require, please contact us on 01889 343 115 to see how we can help


Innovative equipment upgrades by SSM can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your spray booth oven, reduce cycle times and increase productivity to give you a rapid return on your investment. This is an excellent option if your profit margins are under increasing pressure from fierce competition.

The main upgrade we are generally asked about is Lighting issues in the booth; we can now fit LED light batons to replace your tube type light at roughly the exact cost of replacing a tube-type fitting.

LED lighting is not only impressive looking but has energy-saving qualities compared to tube lighting.


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Please call their office on 01889 343 115


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