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We are thrilled to announce the installation of two new Zeus all-electric spraybooths for one of our esteemed customers. This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards creating greener and more efficient solutions for bodyshops.

At Todd Engineering, we are always at the forefront of innovation, and our commitment to a sustainable future is unwavering.

Zeus Spraybooths: Leading the Charge Towards Carbon Neutrality

The Zeus spraybooths are not just another addition to our product line; they represent a paradigm shift in the industry. These booths are setting the benchmark for achieving carbon neutral PAS2060 standards for bodyshops. By choosing Zeus, our valued customer has taken a monumental leap towards a sustainable future.

Why Zeus Stands Out:

  1. Eco-Friendly:
    • Slash Your Carbon Footprint: With Zeus, bodyshops can reduce their carbon footprint by an impressive 83% during spray cycles. And the benefits don't stop there. During bake cycles, the reduction is a staggering 98%. 
  2. Renewable Energy Ready:
    • Power with Purpose: Zeus is designed to be powered by sustainable, renewable energy sources. This feature not only amplifies its eco-friendly credentials but also underscores a bodyshop's commitment to the environment.
  3. Rapid Turnaround:
    • No More Waiting: The post-bake cycle work can commence immediately with Zeus. This enhancement in throughput and overall efficiency means bodyshops can serve their customers faster and better.
  4. Time Efficiency:
    • Faster Curing, Faster Completion: Depending on the product, Zeus offers a noticeable reduction in curing time. This ensures jobs are completed faster, leading to happier customers and a more efficient workflow.


The Zeus all-electric spraybooths are not just a product; they are a statement. A statement that says we care about the environment, about efficiency, and about the future. At Todd Engineering, we are proud to be part of this green revolution, and we invite all bodyshops to join us in making the world a better place.


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