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Todd Engineering has a range of optional extras to offer. These optional extras include our best-selling Greentech Dryers.

IR Gas Catalytic Drying offers low environmental impact technology, which can cure all paint products on vehicles faster, better, and cheaper, making it the most reliable and cost-effective equipment on the market.

GREENTECH DRYERS technology comes out from the union between 40-years of experience in the automotive and refinishes sector and the desire to create dryers capable of optimizing the workflow, cutting the operating costs and improving the manufacturing quality.

The Greentech machinery is equipped with catalytic panels, powered by methane gas or LPG, able to emit a low-intensity uniform heat without producing flame.

This innovative and convenient technology makes the workflow extremely competitive by improving the drying quality and reducing the environmental impact by 80% in comparison with the traditional systems.

One of the main goals of the design phase is the optimization of the drying process, which results in perfection, both for the water-based products and the solvent-based products, and to allow sandblasting and smoothing as soon as the treatment cycle ends.

The control software is easy and intuitive to allow for complex multiple processes without a hitch, which will add more efficiency to your operations.


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