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Keep Your Spray Booth Clean

Keep your spray booth clean at all times

No matter how your spray booth is, it will get dirty at some point. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with it. Usually, this problem can be avoided with proper maintenance. For maintenance guidelines, always consult your spray booth manufacturer. But here are some general tips to help you along the way.

Keep Out Dust.

The simplest way to prevent dust from building up inside your spray booth is to keep the doors closes unless you’re getting in or out. Whenever you open the doors, make sure the spray booth is turned on. This will allow the exhaust to do its work and filter out dust and other contaminants.
Do not leave anything in the booth that does not need to be there. Don’t do any sanding inside the booth. Whenever inside, wear a painter’s suit, which should be stored in a clean location. Any cracks should be sealed with caulk, and all jobs should be prepared ahead of time.

Use And Replace Filters.

High-quality filters will help you keep your spray booth clean as well as with painting efficiency. In most cases, you should use the filters recommended by your manufacturer.
Your spray booth filters should be regularly replaced to avoid clogging and disruptions of the air-flow balance. This will help you prevent problems like over-spray. Remember to set up a regular maintenance schedule for your filters and exhausts.

Clean the Inside Regularly.

Over-spray is a common problem with spray booths. It builds up on the walls and floors and, with enough time, it can become airborne. This affects the quality of your work and puts your workers at risk. That’s why it’s essential to clean the inside of your spray booth regularly.
Keep in mind that dust and debris may be combustible. Any machines you may want to use for cleaning, for example, a vacuum, need to be used carefully. The safest way to clean the inside of your spray booth is with a sponge mop. Keep your ventilation system on when you’re cleaning.

Keep Equipment Clean.

The equipment you use, for example, the paint gin and air hose, can also be affected by over-spray. Beyond just the walls and floor, over-spray can attach itself to equipment as well. Don’t forget to clean your equipment regularly and replace when needed.
Over-spray can also build up in the exhaust, fan and ducts. This may have a significant impact on the efficiency and quality of your work. Don’t forget to check these components and keep them clean.

Look Out For Moisture.

Moisture is another problem that may affect your spray booth. Equipment like gun washers, spray guns and the booth itself use compressed air systems, which produce moisture. This moisture can damage tools as well as imperfections on the paint.


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