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Why Switch From Solvent To Waterborne Paint

Why Switch From Solvent To Waterborne Paint in Spray booths

Using waterborne paint has become more and more popular over the years, and you might benefit from switching from the more traditional solvent-based paint. These two types of paint differ substantially in their contents: conventional base-coats have a volatile organic compound (VOC) solvent content of around 84%, and 16% solids; on the other hand, waterborne paint contains 70% water, 20% solids, and only 10% solvent. This means that waterborne paint has a much lower percentage of VOC solvent contents, which brings with it considerable advantages. 


The Advantages of Using Waterborne Paint.

It is Environmentally Friendly.

Waterborne paint is much cleaner than solvent-based paints, which contain a large percentage of volatile organic compounds and other air pollutants, waterborne is much cleaner. Waterborne paint contains significantly fewer toxins. It will also dissipate from the air faster than solvent-based paint. 


It is Significantly Safer For Employees.

Because it contains fewer dangerous components, using waterborne paint will contribute to a safer and healthier work environment. Your employees will be a lot less likely to be exposed to unhealthy compounds. The difference in composition also makes waterborne paint less flammable, which makes it easier for you to comply with safety regulations. 

It is Less Costly.

Solvent-based paints usually require additives, thinners, or hardeners. This adds to your costs. In contrast, waterborne paint doesn’t require any of these. This means that you will be saving money when using waterborne paint. Additionally, you may need to use less waterborne paint to cover the same area as solvent paints. Another benefit is that waterborne paints have a longer shelf-life. 


It Creates Better Finishes.

When compared to solvent-based paint, waterborne creates better and glossier finishes. This means you will need less clear-coat finishes; it will also save you both money and time. Another benefit is that waterborne paint also helps prevent corrosion. 


It is Very Durable.

Waterborne paint is more durable than solvent-based paint. Waterborne paint resists well in the heat. It is also resistant to abrasion and can keep a glossy finish for long periods.



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