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When To Change Spray Booth Filters

   When To Change Spraybooth Filters?

A paint booth with clogged filters is a much less efficient and less safe booth that will provide you with inferior work, and it is just a matter of time before your filters become clogged with debris. That’s why it is so important to replace them.  

You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions when deciding when to change your filters. Recommendations are often based on the number of operating hours or the number of calendar weeks or months. 

You may also need to take into account relevant health and safety guidelines as well as best practices to maintain your warranty.

The timing for changing your filters may also depend on the operating conditions of your shop. Depending on these, you may need to replace the filters earlier than the general recommendations given by the manufacturer. 

As a general guideline, you should replace your intake filter after six months of use. On the other hand, exhaust filters should be replaced at least once a month. But it is always best to monitor the filters closely to decide whether they need to be replaced. 

Some visual signs may guide you when making these decisions. These include:

  • For intake filters: you see debris in the booth and/or blemishes in the finish.
  • For exhaust filters: you see overspray in the booth and/or notice that the fan remains in continuous operation at 100% capacity

For the purposes of monitoring the condition of the filters, you can also use a manometer in addition to these visual cues. This will give you a clear and accurate assessment of how your filters are working.

Never forget: proper filter maintenance is essential for keeping your booth working efficiently and safely!


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