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What are the Types of Spray Booth Filters

What are the Types of Spray Booth Filters?

Different types of filter fulfil different roles in capturing debris, overspray, foreign particles, and other contaminants.


Exhaust filters.

The job of exhaust filters is to trap overspray and other chemicals. Exhaust filters prevent these contaminants from building up on the fans and being released outside the booth. Exhaust filters should be carefully maintained. When clogged, these filters might allow toxic chemicals into the environment. This not only increases the risk of fire but may also negatively impact the performance of the spray booth.


Intake Filters.

The job of intake filters is to prevent debris, dust, and other small particles from getting inside your paint booth. This is a crucial job because small particles may damage the finish quality of your work. The type of intake filter you need will depend on the type of paint booth you use (for example, downdraught or crossflow). The type of intake filter will also vary depending on whether your booth is heated with an air makeup unit. The purpose, however, is the same: to protect the finish from damage caused by contaminants.


The best source of information on which type of replacement filters you should get is the manufacturer. You should always consult the manufacturer’s specifications when choosing the style, size, and material for replacement filters. This will ensure the continued optimal work of your paint booth.


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