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The Importance of Spray Booth Filters

Filters for a Spray booth in the UK

The filters are one of the more essential components of any spray booth. Not only do they make the bake cycle more efficient, but they are also crucial for the safety of your workers. That’s why you should never overlook proper maintenance.

Prioritize Filter Maintenance.

Proper maintenance of spray booth filters is of the utmost importance. A filtration system that doesn’t work correctly will cause you problems with over-spraying and clogging. Any sign of these problems means that the filters are not working as they should, which not only puts your workers’ health at risk but also compromises the quality of your work. You need to set up a regular schedule for this, although how often you need to do it will depend on the quality of the filters.

Keep Track of How Many Vehicles You Paint.

The quality of the filters is not the only factor that determines if and when you need to maintain them. The number of vehicles you paint is also an important factor. Painting 70 vehicles a month requires a very different schedule from, say, 250 vehicles a month. In other words, your maintenance schedule should be appropriate to the operation of your ship. Most modern spray booths record the number of sprays since the last filter change, so it will be easy for you to keep track of this.

Don’t Overlook Your Exhaust Filters.

It is also crucial that you keep an eye on your exhaust filters. These filter out chemical debris or residue and see a lot of use during a typical workday. That’s why they can get very dirty very quickly and can easily build up over-spray.


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