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Todd Engineering has gone Carbon Neutral

Todd Engineering are Carbon Neutral

Todd Engineering is the first spray booth manufacturing company to achieve Carbon Neutral in accordance with PAS 2060. This will not only help them save money, attract new customers but also help the environment. Attaining Pas 2060 is the easiest way to start your journey to minimising your company’s environmental impact. Todd Engineering spray booths offer all the latest energy-saving technology to reduce the carbon footprint within a business, including LED lighting, variable-speed motor drives and modulating gas system control.
To complement this new direction, Todd Engineering has exclusive partnerships with two established companies to offer a range of energy-efficient solutions for various sectors, Automotive, Aerospace, commercial, and many more.

Todd engineering Carbon Neutral

There is no better way to improve your productivity, reduce costs and deliver consistent, high-quality finishes for all your demanding applications while lowering VOC emissions and usage. The advanced patented Nitrotherm is revolutionising how many industries professionally apply coatings, where surface applications are required.
Paint application is made easier thanks to heated nitrogen, which leads to accelerated flash off and fast evaporation times.

Altogether thanks to the elimination of static electricity, it allows:
• Each coat adhere rapidly to the surface and lay flatter
• Normal sags, runs, drips and orange peel are reduced
• Overspray is minimised, resulting in less paint being wasted
• Cleaner working environment with fewer contaminants in the air
• Reduced spray booth maintenance and filter consumption.

Nitrothermspray paint saving equipment


IR Gas Catalytic Drying offers low environmental impact technology, which can cure all paint products on vehicles faster, better, and cheaper, making it the most reliable and cost-effective equipment on the market. The Greentech machinery is equipped with catalytic panels powered by methane gas or LPG.

This innovative and convenient technology makes the workflow extremely competitive by improving the drying quality and reducing the environmental impact by reducing the gas consumption by 80% compared to traditional systems. In addition, the Greentech range does not produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Nitrogen Oxides and further abates VOC’s, making it far more environmentally friendly.

Greentech dryers energy saving equipment

See a copy of the certificate here.




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