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Todd Engineering Ltd Initiates Nemesis Smart Repair Facilities Deployment with a £500K Contract from Snows


Todd Engineering Ltd, an industry-leading spray booth manufacturer, is driving a revolution in vehicle maintenance and repairs, with the commencement of their Nemesis Smart Repair Facilities rollout.


The innovative solution, developed in collaboration with Toyota GB, offers high-tech features that promise to significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of automotive smart repair processes. Snows, the renowned auto dealer group, has thrown their full weight behind this cutting-edge technology, becoming one of the first businesses to embrace the Nemesis Smart Repair Facilities.


Snows, continually dedicated to providing superior customer service and striving for operational excellence, first commissioned the installation of the Nemesis Smart Repair Facility at their dealership site back in January 2023. Encouraged by the positive impacts, they subsequently expanded this to their third site located in Southampton, with plans already underway to install a fourth at another one of their branches.

Through a significant contract valued at £500,000, Snows has demonstrated its commitment to adopting the state-of-the-art technologies from Todd Engineering Ltd, propelling them to the forefront of technological advancements in the automotive repair industry.


In response to this significant partnership, Todd Engineering's Electrical Project Manager, Alex Taylor, offered his thoughts. "This is an extremely promising contract for us," Mr Taylor said. "Here at Todd Engineering, we are continually innovating. The advanced technology incorporated into our Nemesis Smart Repair Facilities not only streamlines the repair process but significantly enhances the quality of work. It's an exciting time in the evolution of our industry."


The Nemesis Smart Repair Facilities represent a substantial leap forward in the automotive service sector. By streamlining the smart repair processes, these facilities can significantly reduce the time taken for vehicle repairs while enhancing the quality of the work done. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, greater revenue for dealerships.


Todd Engineering Ltd has been a trailblazer in the spray booth industry for years. With this latest innovation, the company continues to show its commitment to leading the sector towards greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. As they commence the rollout of Nemesis Smart Repair Facilities in partnership with Toyota GB, they exhibit their dedication to providing a future-focused solution for the automotive industry.

This partnership sets a new standard for auto repair facilities, creating a benchmark for others to strive towards. It represents an important step forward in the journey to redefine the vehicle smart repair process, making it faster, more effective, and significantly more customer-friendly.


For Snows, the third and latest Nemesis Smart Repair Facility installation in Southampton represents their ongoing commitment to technological innovation. This, along with plans for a fourth site, reinforces their reputation as forward-thinking leaders in the automotive industry.


As Todd Engineering Ltd continues to pioneer cutting-edge solutions, and with companies like Snows backing such initiatives, the future of the automotive repair industry is looking increasingly bright.


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