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LED Lights

Todd Engineering are always committed to ensuring our spray booths offer the latest technology available to our customers; their spray booth lighting is no exception.

When painting a vehicle, you need to consider so much more than just the colour you want to use; instead, the entire spraying process is all about making sure you’re in a spray booth that offers the perfect environment. A big part of this comes from the spray booth lighting.

The lighting inside a spray booth should resemble natural light. With that in mind, Todd Engineering has developed a state-of-the-art LED lighting system specifically for use in their range of spray booths. Natural light is crucial for you to see your paint colour without the interference light discolouring. 

The Todd Engineering LED spray booth lights surpass the very highest standards required in the automotive refinishing sector, creating a superbly lit cabin with high level-light pods. The state-of-the-art LED lighting system gives illumination levels in excess of +1800 lux through the use of high output LED SMD Chips designed to provide a colour temperature of 5000K @ 90CRI offering unrivalled lighting quality when colour matching. 

The superior performance of the LED’s compared to conventional fluorescent tubes doesn’t stop with the light levels; the life expectancy of the LED’s is guaranteed for 50,000 hours backed up by a 5-year warranty, and the energy consumption is reduced by half. Emergency versions of our LED’s are also available as an optional extra on all our spray booths; these provide 4.5 hours of emergency lighting in the event of a power failure. *Photometric Data Available on Request

Spray booth’s lighting should be even throughout the booth. Any irregular lighting will create shadows and small areas, which will potentially harm the final finish of your vehicle. The Todd Engineering pods are angled to reduce glare and shadowing. The lighting is fitted with a hi-tech laser-etched ‘Luminit’ film, which removes the visual appearance of each individual LED and creates a flat panel of light. 

The light pods are finished with a frameless, toughened glass cover and intumescent seal to separate electronics from the booth atmosphere. 


If you are looking to install a new spray booth or even just looking to upgrade your spray booth lighting, contact our head office to get more information.

Todd Engineering offers the very highest quality equipment to ensure you have the very best spraying environment. 

Please browse our range of spray booths, all of which come with our state-of-the-art LED spray booth lighting systems.


The UK's leading paint spray booth manufacturers, Todd Engineering ltd were founded by the Todd family in the early nineties.

The company's factory is located in Staffordshire, on the edge of the industrial midlands, close to many suppliers. A skilled workforce undertakes design and manufactures all the spray booths, many of whom have started with the company in an apprenticeship.

Todd Engineering is proud of its wide range of high-quality spray booths for sale and its ovens and Bodyshop equipment. Their efficient in-house installation, service, and customer care teams have all contribute to high customer satisfaction and the company's rapid growth over the last 30 years.

Todd Engineering manufactures all its spray booths in-house; they supply a wide variety of booths and equipment. They offer a range from the Olympian 1000 series spray booth, which suits independent bodyshops and businesses, to the Titan CV series, a commercial spray booth with industrial spray booth equipment.

Todd Engineering has been praised for treating each customer as an individual; they pride themselves in offering a bespoke service to ensure they deliver equipment to suit the customer's business needs.

Using the latest in spray booth technology, Todd offers an energy-efficient solution on many of their products to save you money and time.


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