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Spraybooth Wall Protection

Don’t let your new spraybooth become ruined days after installing it, use our 5 layered film service at the time of install; this will ensure that when you use your new booth it will keep the walls in brand new condition.

This 5-layered protection film to be applied on the spray booth walls. It is self-adhesive and transparent and can be applied over lights and windows. The film is treated with paint adhesion and has to be removed after 250 booth cycles or 3 months. To remove a layer, peel the top layer off to expose fresh film and re-tape the edges. Can be used in combination with Anti Dust to eliminate dust in paint jobs.  The walls must be in clean dust-free condition (and very smooth) in order for the film to adhere properly.

Our coating is supplied by BAXT.

- Unique 5-layer material for Spraybooth walls.

- Fast and easy application with only a spatula required

- No tape needed thanks to the clever overlapping design

- Printed with measure gauge for accurate fitting and ensuring no wastage

- Each coated layer is statically charged to attract and retain dust particles and overspray 

- The insulated material also helps to reduce booth heat loss

- When each layer becomes dirty, simply peel off for a new clean environment 

- Each layer is numbered indicating how many layers are left 


- Increase productivity - Increase spray booth productivity time by reducing cleaning and maintenance.

- Increase quality - Improve your throughput and reduce re-work by maintaining a clean working environment 

- Increase protection - Protect your spraybooth and keep their valuable asset in top working order

- Increase Morale - Boost employee morale and productivity by providing a bright and clean work area.


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