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The Todd Engineering Spartan 2000 series spray booth is a premium rear extraction type spray booth offering high-performance levels at an affordable price.

This Spray booth is ideally suited to applications with a medium to high throughput; the Spartan can be the workhorse of any Bodyshop.

The Spartan boasts a high airflow rate resulting in 5 air changes per minute, using a highly efficient fan design and plant work configuration. Combined with energy-efficient technology, including variable speed drives and LED lighting, it ensures that it is very economical to run. The airflow design provides a good through-flow of air to remove paint overspray & vapours without the need for underfloor excavation, floor grids, etc., making installation very swift and straightforward.

Standard Spraybooth Specifications include:

  • 20,000m³/hr airflow rating
  • 4kW direct drive backward curved centrifugal fans
  • VSD Inverter drive motor control
  • State-of-the-art LED lighting system
  • Water-Based compatible
  • 5 Air changes per minute
  • Suitable for both smooth, flat concrete base or excavated pit.
  • Direct fired gas burner
  • White internal/external double insulated panels
  • Fully glazed three leaf concertina doors, increasing internal spray booth visibility
  • Low noise levels – 76 db
  • Available in various sizes
  • Full 2-year manufacturers warranty*


The Olympian booth is a rear extraction type spray booth that requires no additional groundworks before installation. The machine is constructed on a smooth, flat concrete base with an extraction chest at the rear and plant work situated on top. This design provides a front to rear, diagonally flowing tunnel of air which moves across the entire vehicle to carry away over-spray and fumes.


The spray booth cabin has a fire-resistance rating of 30 minutes and constructed using double skinned insulated panels with white polyester finish internally and externally. Panel sections are joined with bright aluminium sections which give a seamless and attractive finish that takes away the exposed joints that would otherwise be filled with sealant.


The plant work is fitted with two 4.0kW direct-drive aerofoil, backwards curved centrifugal fans to achieve the design airflow rate of 20,000m3/hr. This provides a rate of 5 air changes per minute within the cabin, with extracted air being exhausted to the atmosphere. The extraction system is fitted with two-stage filtration using 50mm EU2 green paint stop and EU3 blue prefilters; which ensures that emissions meet EPA requirements. The input system uses high-quality EU5 filter media to ensure incoming air is free of contaminants down to 10 microns.


Todd Engineering has developed a state-of-the-art LED lighting system specifically for use in their range of spray booths. These LED lights surpass the very highest standards required in the automotive refinishing sector, creating a superbly lit cabin with high level-light pods. The Pods are angled to reduce glare and shadowing. The state-of-the-art LED lighting system gives illumination levels in excess of +1800 lux through the use of high output LED SMD Chips designed to provide a colour temperature of 5000K @ 90CRI offering unrivalled lighting quality when colour matching. These LED’s consume 50% less energy than conventional tubes with an equivalent light output and operate via an external low voltage driver at 36VDC. The lighting is fitted with a hi-tech laser-etched ‘Luminit’ film, which removes the visual appearance of each individual LED and created a flat panel of light. The light pods are finished with a frameless toughened glass cover and intumescent seal to separate electronics from the booth atmosphere.

Spraying Cycle

Fresh air is drawn from the atmosphere and heated to the required temperature. It then passes through EU5 ceiling filters into the booth and over the vehicle, as it passes it carries away paint over-spray & vapours. The air is extracted via a twin dry filter system and let out into the atmosphere. It is essential to use the recommended filters with regular changes; doing so will help 99% of pollutants can be captured.


The spray booth has a direct-fired natural gas/ LPG burner with an output of 90- 110kW or 300,000 Stu’s/hr; a pneumatic changeover system allows the spray booth to recirculate air within the cabin to reach low bake temperature rapidly.

Noise Levels

Comfortable working cabin levels of between 70-75 dB, variable speed motors contribute to 50% lower dB outbreak levels.

Main Doors

The main vehicle entry doors are a three-leaf construction that opens in a concertina fashion, which saves space on the doors overall opening distance. Door Hinges have been designed specifically for application in spray booths and are made through aluminium extrusion in a white powder-coated finish, white plastic cover plates then cover the fixing bolts to complete the look of the hinge. Two individual locking mechanisms allow one single leaf door to be used as a second personnel door; this is fitted with a self-closer and dictators to provide a good seal. The door frame has a white powder-coated finish and a built-in rubber compression seal, each door has a sizeable full-length glass viewing panel framed in aluminium increasing internal booth visibility.

Personnel Door

A second personnel door can be fitted to any wall panel; it is generally held to the rear of the cabin to provide a safe fire escape route. The door is fitted within its own white powder coated frame complete with self-closer, dictators, full-length viewing window, extruded aluminium hinges and rubber compression seals.

Control Panel

The control panel is fitted with variable speed drives to electronically balance the cabin pressure. The operator is provided with a simple selection for spray and bake modes, automatic bake timer and cool-down facility, lighting control, temperature controller readout for spray and bake cycles—Magnehelic pressure monitoring with positive pressure alarm, emergency pressure alarm and shutdown.

Inverter Variable Speed Drives

All of the Todd Engineering spray booths are fitted with inverter variable speed drives to an electronically balanced cabin pressure; this is achieved by controlling the fan speeds using the inverters. This method of control is beneficial in maximising the energy efficiency of the spray booth by only running the fans at the rate required by the process. The inverters also increase the life expectancy and reduce maintenance of all associated components including the motor, driveshafts, and bearings through controlled acceleration and deceleration of the motors; this also eliminates electrical surges as the spray booth is started.

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The UK's leading paint spray booth manufacturers, Todd Engineering ltd were founded by the Todd family in the early nineties.

The company's factory is located in Staffordshire, on the edge of the industrial midlands, close to many suppliers. A skilled workforce undertakes design and manufactures all the spray booths, many of whom have started with the company in an apprenticeship.

Todd Engineering is proud of its wide range of high-quality spray booths for sale and its ovens and Bodyshop equipment. Their efficient in-house installation, service, and customer care teams have all contribute to high customer satisfaction and the company's rapid growth over the last 30 years.

Todd Engineering manufactures all its spray booths in-house; they supply a wide variety of booths and equipment. They offer a range from the Olympian 1000 series spray booth, which suits independent bodyshops and businesses, to the Titan CV series, a commercial spray booth with industrial spray booth equipment.

Todd Engineering has been praised for treating each customer as an individual; they pride themselves in offering a bespoke service to ensure they deliver equipment to suit the customer's business needs.

Using the latest in spray booth technology, Todd offers an energy-efficient solution on many of their products to save you money and time.


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