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We make you reach higher.

Our Icarus pneumatic platforms are easy to operate, which allows them to move 3 dimensional. The results are better quality, more efficiency, and an improved working environment, leading to direct cost savings. In addition, they can be used in painting booths and other hazardous areas. 

We offer platforms for all applications in surface treatment with a more advanced design and a highly professional approach.


Advanced design. 

  • 3D platforms for use in painting booths. 
  • Hazardous environments. CE- & GOST approved. 
  • They replace unstable ladders and scaffolds. 
  • They have improved quality and efficiency for paint or other surface treatment jobs.
  • You will get a return on investment, which can be in less than two years. 
  • Faster, safer application, sanding, blasting, masking or inspection. 
  • 3D movement in total security. 
  • The environment is clear and free from obstacles. 
  • ATEX-zone 2 version is available. 


The Icarus lift meets all requirements related to the security of platforms and all regulations concerning hazardous environments. The platforms are CE-approved by a European notified body and are originally designed for use in an explosion risk environment (ATEX Zone 2 Cat. 3G or 3D). 

Each platform is engineered with the applicable safety legislation, including several safety measurements. 

The main advantages of the Icarus lifts are: 

  • Improved working environments with increased safety and productivity. 
  • Ideal for hazardous and very demanding environments. 
  • Cost-effective solution with improved and quality finishes (i.e., painting booths). 
  • Simple installation. 
  • Controls and air supply point included inside the cage.

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Pneumatic platforms

HX pneumatic platforms are pneumatically operated access platforms. They are ideal for hazardous environments.

These units are manufactured in a standard or customised design. The control is 3D and improves the safety and efficiency during many applications where easy height access is required. The installation is simple, and little maintenance is needed.

These devices will increase profitability, operator’s well-being, and productivity, which is a cost-effective solution to many tasks.

Each HX Icarus lift comes with a compressed air connection.

Pneumatic platforms can be fully utilised in painting booths.

If mounted on sidewalls, it can increase access for the entire workspace and ultimately leave the floor free from obstacles.

HX3 is a 3D fully pneumatic platform. Pneumatic cylinders and chains make the vertical and horizontal movements possible, and a pneumatic motor navigates the platform for all lateral movements. The platform can carry one person and his equipment.

HX4 lift is a 3D platform that is designed to carry two persons and their equipment. It can be used in painting booths and preparation booths. The platform is made with two doors on both sides that close automatically with the help of spring hinges. The HX4 can be custom-made depending on the customers’ wishes.

HX5 is a pneumatic platform that is similar to the HX3. This platform is specially built for paint booth structures that aren’t strong enough to hold platforms. The HX5 drives fully on the ground and doesn’t come in contact with the wall.

The new HX6 has the same characteristics as the HX5 but can hold two persons and their equipment.


The Platform

The platform is made of a mechanical welded construction. The floor is a non-skid plate, and the platform is surrounded by railings of 1100 mm high and has a baseboard of 230 mm high that prevents objects from falling. Noise level Max 85 dB Speed (up & down) 6 m/min Speed (left & right) 25 m/min Speed (in & out) 6 m/min The cage of the platform Designed to carry one person (HX3 & HX5) or two persons (HX4 & HX6) and equipment. Doors that only open to the inside and are auto-closing. Compressed air connection. Optional features can be added. Netto weight between 400 and 700 kg. Maximum load for HX3 & HX5 is 150 kg and for HX4 & HX6 250 kg.



The Icarus lift HX is equipped with four safety devices: • Against leaks and pinching of the hoses. • Against excess charges. • Against collisions and obstacles on the ground. • Against unwanted openings of the access doors. Service and maintenance The Icarus lift needs a minimum of service and maintenance. However, due to some severe working environments, Platforms can offer her maintenance services. We design our platforms to the wishes of our customers! Every customer and booth is different. Our Platforms listens to the wishes of the customer and design a platform that answers to the challenges. Together with our engineering office, we use the latest technologies to meet customer, quality, and safety legislation standards. Flexibility is key.


Technical features


The controls are situated at the rear of the platform, on the side of the mast. The platform can be equipped with pedals to move vertically and horizontally. In addition, the cage is equipped with buttons for easy use:

Up and down.

Moving in and out.

Lateral movement left/right.


An electric motor makes lateral movement possible. This motor powers the drivewheel on floor height. If required, the motor is ATEX executed.

The mast.

The mast is made out of a rigid structure for the vertical guiding of the platform. In addition, an emergency button is installed on both sides of the mast.

Power Supply.

The hydraulic & electrical unit is placed outside (not ATEX).


What can we do for you?

Our responsibility does not end upon the completion of your project. We also have a highly skilled team of service and maintenance engineers who ensure the continuous operation of your installation with minimal downtime. 

Our aftersales covers not only maintenance and repair work, but also the required spare parts.

Our Aftersales Department is at your service to study and discuss all kinds of extensions and additions to your actual installation. Our website gives the possibility to order spare parts for your pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical platform. 


If you're an established business looking to add some new equipment or a new company looking to make your vision a little more affordable, we are able to help with finance options. 




The UK's leading paint spray booth manufacturers, Todd Engineering ltd were founded by the Todd family in the early nineties.

The company's factory is located in Staffordshire, on the edge of the industrial midlands, close to many suppliers. A skilled workforce undertakes design and manufactures all the spray booths, many of whom have started with the company in an apprenticeship.

Todd Engineering is proud of its wide range of high-quality spray booths for sale and its ovens and Bodyshop equipment. Their efficient in-house installation, service, and customer care teams have all contribute to high customer satisfaction and the company's rapid growth over the last 30 years.

Todd Engineering manufactures all its spray booths in-house; they supply a wide variety of booths and equipment. They offer a range from the Olympian 1000 series spray booth, which suits independent bodyshops and businesses, to the Titan CV series, a commercial spray booth with industrial spray booth equipment.

Todd Engineering has been praised for treating each customer as an individual; they pride themselves in offering a bespoke service to ensure they deliver equipment to suit the customer's business needs.

Using the latest in spray booth technology, Todd offers an energy-efficient solution on many of their products to save you money and time.


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