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ECO & Energy Saving Spray Mode

Energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved when this system is installed; Todd Engineering’s Eco+ Energy Save Mode incorporates a sensor fitted into the airline so that the spray booth can detect when no spraying activity has taken place after a pre-set amount of time, the spray booth will then automatically enable the Eco+ Energy Save Mode.


The spray booth fan motors are ramped down to idle and burner runs at the minimal output – saving fuel that would otherwise be wasted, another feature of the system uses programmed interlocks to allow the spray booth to run at a slightly positive pressure during Eco+ Mode which prevents dust ingress into the spray booth as painters are entering and exiting the cabin.

Once the painter pulls the trigger on the spray gun the spray booth takes milliseconds to go back to 100% spray mode so the booth is only running at full speed when it needs it.


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