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MS-RT are fully embracing all the latest technology for thier latest spray booths.

Plant work for large spray booth

This is a Spray booth of drams. MS-RT have chosen to have a bespoke production line installed by Spray booth experts Todd Engineering. 

MS-RT are fully embracing all the latest technology by having not only Greentech gas catalytic arches installed but also NITROTHERM® SPRAY to maximise efficiency in the Bodyshop.

Using the principle of selective permeation, NITROTHERM® SPRAY concentrates nitrogen contained in compressed air for use as the fluid carrier. Fluid temperature control and ionising further enhance the inherent performance advantages of nitrogen. Nitrogen is inert and anhydrous and NITROTHERM® SPRAY, with its fluid carrier temperature control, enables constant humidity and temperature values: two previously uncontrolled variables. Therefore, application conditions can be controlled and consistent all day and in all seasons.

The NITROTHERM® SPRAY is cleverly paired with multiple Greentech curing robots to increase productivity dramatically. These exceptional IR Gas Catalytic curing robots are essential to the fast-paced work within the MS-RT workshop.

This innovative and convenient technology makes the workflow extremely competitive by improving the drying quality and reducing the environmental impact by 80% compared to traditional systems.

Greentech curing robots in a spray booth

IR Gas Catalytic Drying offers low environmental impact technology, which can cure all paint products on vehicles faster, better, and cheaper, making it the most reliable and cost-effective equipment on the market.

GreenTech Dryers gas-powered IR drying systems and their excellent safety characteristics heat the substrate faster than other methods. The use of infrared ahead of convection cure also reduces total energy use. Infrared energy heats just the coating and the product surface to the temperature level where convection is effective, reducing cycle time and utility costs.


Todd Engineering work alongside each customer to ensure they provide the perfect solution to suit their Bodyshop and the work they do. For more information on how they can help you optimise your productivity, contact their head office today:


Call: 01889 503770



Todd Engineering Ltd is a family-run business formed in the early nineties. It has swiftly expanded to become one of the UK's leading spray booth manufacturers and Bodyshop equipment suppliers.



Greentech Dryers Srl is an Italian company that produces infrared drying equipment: catalytic systems powered by natural gas or methane produce flameless thermal energy, maintaining a uniform and low-intensity heat without any dispersion in the surrounding air.

This innovative and convenient technology makes the workflow extremely competitive by improving the drying quality and reducing the environmental impact by reducing the gas consumption by 80% compared to traditional systems. In addition, the Greentech range does not produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Nitrogen Oxides and further abates VOC's, making it far more environmentally friendly.



MS-RT are a design-led automotive engineering company creating bespoke Ford vehicles that stand out on the road. Their creations are born from 30 years of motor racing experience with our partners M-Sport on and off the track. They believe in dedication, quality, and never following the pack.

They fuse tough and reliable Ford vehicles with a sporting edge. Each is created by hand—all at an affordable price. The rally stages run in their veins with 40 years of motorsport experience behind them – including the World Rally Championship, Global Rallycross and GT3 Racing.


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