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The Spartan spray booth is both a high-performance and reliable piece of equipment, so there was no surprise when AD Wiliams decided to they wanted to install the Spartan model at to of their sites.

The first has now been commissioned in Wimbledon.


Todd Engineering Spratan Spray booth

The Spartan boasts a high airflow rate resulting in 5 air changes per minute, using a highly efficient fan design and plant work configuration. Combined with energy-efficient technology, including variable speed drives, it ensures that it is very economical to run. 

The process of spraying a vehicle is about ensuring that you're in a spray booth that offers an exceptional lighting level for the product you wish to paint, which is why all Todd Engineering spray booths are fitted with LED lighting as standard.

These LED lights surpass the very highest standards required in the automotive refinishing sector, creating a superbly lit cabin with high-level-light pods.

In addition, the Spartan supplies an airflow design that provides a good through-flow of air to remove paint overspray & vapours without the need for underfloor excavation, floor grids, etc., making installation very swift and straightforward.

Todd Engineering is now getting ready to install a second Spartan at the AD Willaims site in Fareham.

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