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From 2023 onwards, all newly launched spray booths will be electric-only.

Back in 2021 Todd Engineering became the first spray booth manufacturing company to achieve Carbon Neutral under PAS 2060.

Attaining Pas 2060 was Todd Engineering's first step in their journey to minimising the company's environmental impact.

First Carbon Neutral Spray booth company

Now to complement this new direction, Todd Engineering is getting ready for its products to go all-electric by the start of 2023. After the fantastic performance of the first all-electric spray booth, the Zeus 80000 Series, Todd Engineering have decided to convert the full spray booth range to be all-electric by 2023.

Todd Engineering has now installed multiple Zeus all-electric spray booths across the country, and the performance is better than ever expected.

Todd is listening to its customer's feedback and is accelerating toward an emissions-free and electric-driven future.

Todd Engineering Zeus all-electric spray booth

From 2023 onwards, all newly launched spray booths will be electric-only, and customers will be able to choose an all-electric alternative for every model the company makes.

Todd Engineering is best known for bringing the latest technology to the spray booth market and finding innovative solutions for their customers. The Zeus incorporates Electric IR technology into a high-performance Todd Engineering spray booth, giving the ultimate paint finish, substantial energy savings the ability to run on renewable energy sources, meaning zero carbon emissions.

Zeus all electrci spray booth retrofitted

As a bonus, for existing Todd Engineering customers, you can get a quote to upgrade your existing spray booth to a Zeus series spray booth. As a result, you will not have to remove your current spray booth. Instead, Todd Engineering can retrofit the equipment into your existing booth, saving time, money and no wasted material.

Are you looking to install an all-electric spray booth?

Todd Engineering work alongside each customer to ensure they provide the perfect solution to suit your business. Contact the Todd Engineering head office for more information on how we can help you optimise your productivity.

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