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Spray booth lighting.

LED spray booth lighting

The process of spraying a vehicle is about making sure that you're in a spray booth that offers an exceptional lighting level for the product you wish to paint.

We have done the leg work for you by looking at the various spray booth lighting regulations you have to abide by and why it is essential to consider these if you want to perform a high-quality finish for your vehicle every time.

When selecting spray booth lighting fixtures for your spray booth and Bodyshop, you have to consider several factors.

Consistent lighting is critical.

Any variable lighting will show through small areas and shadows, which will have the ability to have a detrimental effect on the finish of your vehicle. Therefore, before you start the job, take the time to review the level of lighting in your spray booth thoroughly and whether it's delivering in all areas.

Fixtures shouldn't be forgotten.

It's essential to give a great deal of consideration to the arrangement of your spray booth lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures need to be placed in areas that will provide optimal levels of light range to your vehicle.  

The natural effect is always best.

Natural light is critical for you to see your paint colour without the interruption of any tinting effects. So, when picking the lighting for your spray booth, go for lights that mimic natural lighting effects. 

To help see the texture of your vehicle, you will also need to make sure that the lighting selected is at the right level of brightness. If it is too dim or bright, any tiny details will go unnoticed.

Selecting the light bulbs

Spray booth LED lighting is a smart choice for your spray booth. Not only are they good for the environment due to their energy efficiency, but they offer excellent directional light emission.

Also, LED lights can provide a better colour rendering index (CRI), allowing excellent colour matching. 


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