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Multiple spray booths were installed for SR Technics.

Commercial spray booth installing in Malta.

UK's leading manufacturer and Bodyshop equipment supplier Todd Engineering recently installed multiple booths for SR Technics in Malta.

The equipment included:

  • Two Titan commercial spray booths.
  • Two paint mixing rooms.
  • Two paint storerooms.
  • Two extraction booths.
  • Training on the new equipment.

The two Titan CV series booths are high specification, high-performance machines that utilise the latest technology to achieve rapid and efficient process times. The spray booth is designed to fulfil the requirements for refinishing large commercial vehicles and other more significant bespoke industrial and commercial processes.

SR Technics decided on rear extraction, but the Titan can be configured as a Rear, Side or downdraught extraction. In addition, the Titan spray booth has been designed to offer customers total flexibility on the choice of layout.

Two Paint mixing rooms and two paint storerooms, which were also installed, are manufactured to the same high standards as all the Todd Engineering spray booths, with 50mm double skinned insulated wall panels, LED lighting and extraction. In addition, both Paint mixing rooms had bench and floor level extraction for the optimal environment.

Paint Mixing room installed by Todd Engineering

Todd Engineering manufactures their equipment giving the most flexibility for larger projects such as this one. The project took six weeks to fully install all equipment, conducted by Todd Engineering staff. 



Todd Engineering work alongside each customer to ensure they provide the perfect solution to suit their Bodyshop and the work they do. For more information on how they can help you optimise your productivity, contact their head office today:


Call: 01889 503770



Todd Engineering Ltd is a family-run business formed in the early nineties. It has swiftly expanded to become one of the UK's leading spray booth manufacturers and Bodyshop equipment suppliers.


ABOUT SR Technics 

SR Technics is a world-leading MRO service provider for the civil aviation sector. They offer our customers comprehensive and fully customised solutions for the technical support and management of their aircraft fleets, engines and components. This is coupled with extensive engineering know-how, 24/7 component availability worldwide and broad specialised training offerings. Headquartered at Zurich Airport, they provide services to over 500 airline customers through a network of international operations and sales offices in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.





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