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Multiple Olympian spray booths installed for Peter Vardy in Aberdeen.

UK's leading manufacturer and Bodyshop equipment supplier Todd Engineering, has installed three of their Olympian spray booths for Peter Vardy in Aberdeen.

Todd Engineering completed impressive work with long-standing customer Peter Vardy; the Todd Engineering team installed three of its popular Olympian spray booths, along with a paint mixing room.

Olympian Spray booths installed in Aberdeen

The Olympian spray booth sets high standards in price and performance. Contrary to its low cost, the Olympian's cabin is full specification regarding size, construction & finish. The air handling plant is designed to be compact and to be accessible for simple routine maintenance. The airflow design produces an excellent through-flow of air to remove paint overspray and vapours, without the need for excavation, floor grids, etc.

The paint mixing room sits neatly between the spray booths for easy access, and the overall look is outstanding. 

Are you looking to install a vehicle spray booth in Aberdeen?

Todd Engineering work alongside each customer to ensure they provide the perfect solution to suit your business. For more information on how Todd Engineering can help you optimise your productivity, contact their head office today:


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About Todd Engineering

Todd Engineering Ltd is a family-run business formed in the early nineties and has swiftly expanded to become one of the UK’s leading spray booth manufacturers and Bodyshop equipment suppliers.

About Peter Vardy.

Peter Vardy was established in 2006 as a Scottish new and used car dealer group; Peter Vardy Ltd is one of the most exciting names in automotive retailing offering a fresh approach to buying cars.

With over 2,000 new and used cars in stock across 15 dealerships throughout Scotland, the seven franchises -Vauxhall, BMW, MINI, Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche, used car supermarket – Peter Vardy offer a vast range of vehicles to choose from, providing mobility for everyone.


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