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How to save energy and money in your spray booth.

Save money and energy with spraybooths

In our homes and businesses, everyone is looking to find ways to save energy and reduce costs. If your business requires a spray booth, you may find potential energy savings to be made in just this one piece of equipment.

Below are ways to draw back some profits with energy-saving tips for your spray booth.

Electric long-reach IR technology.

The development of Electric IR technology is increasingly the choice of heating for spray booths. Electric far-reaching IR is perfect for any business looking for safer, longer-lasting and cheaper to run heating solutions for their spray booths.

This technology has been incorporated into the new all-electric Zeus booth, read more about this brand new carbon-friendly spray booth here

LED Lights.

Using LED lights is the most efficient choice of lighting for your spray booth, with an estimated energy efficiency of 80-90% compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs.

As more and more businesses take a longer-term view of their operating costs, switching to lower-maintenance, longer-life LED lighting makes perfect economic sense. LED lighting is virtually maintenance-free. The vast majority of installations will run for between ten and twenty years with no maintenance and no compromise in the system’s high lux levels, crisp, clear illumination, and colour uniformity. These unique features have made LED lighting the most efficient and cost-effective lighting solution on the market today.

Variable speed drives.

Most Bodyshop spray booths run all day. The Todd Engineering variable speed drives will automatically change the airflow needed in your spray booth to suit the process; this action can lead to exceptional savings over a day. In addition, you’ll help reduce energy waste which is good for your bottom line and the environment.

Direct-fire heating system.

For natural gas or LPG users, you have the choice of indirect or direct-fire spray booths.

In indirect-fire systems, the hot combustion gasses pass through the heat exchanger and are discharged via a flue straight up into the atmosphere. So, effectively, all this fuel is lost up the chimney.

But, a direct-fire system can do away with the heat exchange entirely, and instead of going to waste, the combustion gases are used in the heating process. This is created to save you substantial amounts of energy, which also saves you money.

Our range of energy-efficient spray booth technology can help you make significant savings. Check out more products here.


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