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Do you need a paint mixing room?

You have decided to install a new Todd Engineering spray booth, but have you thought about a paint mixing room?

If you want to paint professionally, you must consider having a paint mixing room. A paint mixing room can make your operation safer and more efficient overall. Those who mix paint in spray booths have more clean-up work and put themselves at greater risk for contaminant exposure.

A paint mixing room can help increase your productivity significantly, so you can get more done within a shorter period. 

You need to be aware of a few critical basics of mixing room design. First, all mixing rooms require constant ventilation because otherwise, they are not safe environments to work in. You must have good lighting for this type of room as well. Much like all Todd Engineering spray booths, all paint mixing rooms come with the latest LED lighting. The lighting quality in this room will significantly impact your ability to mix paint compounds effectively.

The main reason for a mixing room is to provide workers with a safe area to do their work. You will need to keep dangerous paints and compounds in one specific place to mitigate toxic exposure. A sophisticated filtration system will help you vent harmful fumes to keep this workspace safe.

Even with adequate ventilation, it is still essential for all workers to put on protective gear when dealing with volatile and dangerous compounds.

You should wear chemical-resistant gloves when working in your paint mixing room. Exposing your hands to these substances can irritate the skin and cause severe damage to your body, affecting the internal organs. 

Those exposed to even small amounts of these compounds can suffer long-term health problems, which is why it’s so crucial to take all the necessary precautions.

There are numerous safety precautions that you need to take if you plan to use a paint mixing room. First, ensure that you keep any flammable substances away from heat sources, as it could cause a fire or explosion. You also shouldn’t store more than 120 gallons of paint within less than seven feet of any areas used for spraying. This can present a significant safety hazard, so you must keep this tip in mind.

In conclusion, you will find many different reasons to have a paint mixing room. This room will provide you with a clean, safe and organised space to work in and increase your workshop productivity.


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