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The Advantages of Using an Automotive Paint Spray Booth

Using a paint booth comes with many advantages. With a paint spray booth, you can get a controlled environment which is crucial for a good automotive paint job.

Paint booths are safer.

Using a vehicle paint booth allows you to comply with safety regulations for painting vehicles. It protects from overspray, which can cause fires and even explosions. It also protects the painters from the harmful effects of the toxic components of the paint, as well as from the noise. Using a paint spray booth with controlled extraction is also more environmentally friendly.

Use less paint and reduce production time.

A spray booth allows you to do a more efficient job, reducing both the quantity of the paint finish and the amount of time you'd spend by using other methods. In addition, spray booths protect from changes in temperature and humidity.

Many additional products can be incorporated into a professional spray booth. Gas Catalytic curing robots will fit into both new and existing spray booths to save you both time and energy, resulting in a higher profit. You can also consider products such as the Nitrotherm spray; these are designed to work with your spray booth to provide a significant saving of paint, while improving productivity, eliminating harmful emissions and reducing costs.

Spray booths protect from dirt.

Using a spray booth with good extraction has the additional advantage of protecting your work from dirt, dust and other particles. Bodyshop's can be extremely dusty environments, and the spray booth traps these particles, preventing them from getting in the work chamber. The input and extraction filters found in a professional spray booth can help remove 99% of dust, particles and overspray, the result will save you time and money. The presence of visible particles on the completed job might force you to strip the car down and re-paint. A dust and dirt-free environment will also lead to a more even and durable paint job.

Spray booths come with great upgrade options.

Another advantage is that spray booths come with upgrade options that can make your job easier, quicker, safer and less costly. As mentioned above, there are many additional pieces of equipment you can use in a professional spray booth. Still, there are also multiple models of spray booths to choose from, each with added extras designed to make the job of the painter more efficient. For example, you can install additional blowers to the spray booth to increase the airflow and subsequently curing the paint quicker. You could also consider the addition of a mixing room which allows you to store and handle paint more safely.


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