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5 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Spray Booth

Spray booths can be a great addition to your body shop business, but they are also a significant investment.

That's why it's essential to maintain your spray booth correctly so that you can make the most of your big investment for many years to come.

Here are some tips to help you clean and maintain your spray booth.

Prevent or remove over-spray.

Over-spray is the most common problem with spray booths. The repeated use of the spray booth will lead to a build-up of paint on floors, ceilings, walls and equipment. The best way to prevent this problem is to ensure you have excellent extraction in the booth.

The most effective extraction is a fully grided downdraught extraction. It effectively pulls all the overspray to the floor, and so there is less chance of it getting clogged up somewhere within the spray booth.

You can use new technology such as the Nitrotherm spray system which uses less paint and so produces far less overspray.

If you want to protect the cosmetic interior of your spray paint booth, you can also install layered wall protection.

 It is self-adhesive and transparent and can be applied over walls, lights and windows. The walls must be a clean dust-free condition for the film to adhere properly, so it is best to use from the first day you install your spray booth.

Maintain the fan.

Your spray booth fan will need to be maintained quite regularly to prevent wear and tear. For this, you should read the manual and follow the maintenance plan carefully. To ensure good air quality inside the booth, use a high-quality input and extract filter. Keep in mind that the filters need to be replaced regularly, according to a well-defined schedule. Also, you should check the booth's manometer, which tells you about the air quality and if the filter needs to be changed.

Deal with contaminants.

Dealing with contaminants that may enter your spray booth is also very important. You can prevent them from getting in the first place by making sure all areas are sealed with sealant or caulk. You should also remove contaminants from the booth by using the standard methods to clean the interior.

Clear debris and keep the booth clean.

Prevention is always the best option, practising a good habit of keeping the spray booth clean and free from and large debris is very healthy for the paint booth.

If you don't have wall protection, you will want to use a non-sparking scraper to remove any build-up of paint and dust. Also, you can clean the interior of the booth using a sponge mop with a solvent solution; cotton mops should never be used.

Keep a schedule to ensure regular cleaning takes place.

Six monthly services.

An annual service of your spray booth is required, but to keep your spray booth in excellent condition, a six-monthly service will ensure your booth remains in top working order.

Many service quotes also include full service to the burner, examination of heating plant and a full electricity check. They also check and clean all of the light fittings and seals, as well as change input and extraction filters.


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