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How To Increase the Efficiency of Your Spray Booth

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Your spray booth's efficiency can have a major impact on your workflow and, consequently, on how much money you can make a day.

Since a car takes a day or two to be fully repaired, after the process of priming, the paint application and curing time, the way you use your spray booth and manage the workflow can make the difference between doing three or six cars a day.

That's why it's so important to look at how you're using your spray booth and find ways to increase efficiency.

Complete regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance is crucial for the efficient use of your spray booth. Since replacing your spray booth entirely is often not possible, scheduled regular maintenance will ensure that you're getting the most out of your equipment.

Some companies provide their customers with maintenance packages. These include yearly inspections of airflow systems. However, you can also help maintain your equipment by regularly cleaning your spray booth.

Change your filters regularly.

Regularly changing the filters is crucial for a smooth workflow. The exhaust filters can quickly accumulate particles and debris, which can reduce both paint quality and efficiency. That's why it's crucial to monitor the exhaust filters in your spray booth.

Monitoring the filters is especially important since the regularity with which you need to change them can vary a lot depending on a number of factors: the cleanliness of the shop, the number of cars done per month, the type of paint, etc.

Look at regular filter change not as an expenditure but rather as an investment. It will increase your efficiency and prevent other problems.

Use technology.

Spray booths are sophisticated pieces of equipment that will help your work run smoothly and efficiently. The technology in modern spray booths enables you to track filters, the time different paints take to dry, average bake cycles and more. Use this information to plan your workflow and control your operations, as well as monitor the condition of your equipment.

Upgrade how you dry your paint.

The most common methods for drying paint are convection drying and electric infrared drying. But there are other options available. For example, gas-catalytic drying reduces paint booth bake cycle times. Gas catalytic dryers can take a 90 – 100-minute drying process down to 16 – 30 minutes, which may also lead to some considerable savings.

Consider the layout of your Bodyshop.

The layout of your shop, and specifically the location of your spray booth in relation to other workstations, may have an impact on efficiency.

Even when you work hard to keep your spray booth clean, dirt may come from different workstations. If that is the case, you should consider moving things around. Keeping your shop clean may be difficult, so it is advisable to come up with a cleaning schedule in which you clean the areas that need regular cleaning at the same time. Keeping the work stations separate will reduce the overall amount of dirt that can affect your spray booth area.


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