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Cambridge ARC selects Hercules Spray Booth

Hercules double spray booths installed

UK's leading manufacturer and Bodyshop equipment supplier Todd Engineering recently installed two of its Hercules Spray Booths for Cambridge ARC in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

This high specification, high-performance machines are bespoke to the customer's requirements and utilise the latest technology available to achieve rapid and efficient process times.

Both units include the E9 Greentech Robot. The E9 is suited to light commercial vehicles and includes power-assisted positioning of the panels, making it suitable for a larger range of vehicles.

These are two very impressive spray booths which are the perfect example of how bodyshops can maximise productivity by embracing the latest technology.

The Hercules Spray Booth System features ultra-fast curing times, provides bodyshops with greater throughput, efficiency and vast energy savings compared to conventional curing technologies.

The technology works by passing natural methane or LPG gas through a platinum-based catalyst which works to split the carbon and hydrogen atoms of the gas molecules to create heat. That energy is then passed through the front of the catalyst where it mixes with oxygen; the oxygen combines with carbon molecules to produce CO2 and with hydrogen to create H2O. The result is Infrared energy that is emitted out of the device in a uniform low-intensity heat.

The heat is in the form of medium wavelength energy which has a spectrum wavelength which can directly penetrate the molecule of any paint product; thus allowing a full cure in just a few minutes!

Hercules double spray booths

Are you looking to install a vehicle spray booth in Cambridgeshire?

Todd Engineering work alongside each customer to ensure they provide the perfect solution to suit their Bodyshop and the work they do. For more information on how they can help you optimise your productivity, contact their head office today:


Call: 01889 503770

About Todd Engineering.

Todd Engineering Ltd is a family-run business which was formed in the early nineties and has swiftly expanded to become one of the UK's leading spray booth manufacturers and Bodyshop equipment suppliers.

About Cambridge ARC.

Cambridge Accident Repair Centre, part of the Cambridge Garage group, is a leading accident repair centre based in Hampshire. Its number one aim is to provide its customers and business partners with the highest quality repair and most efficient repair process.


Their accident repair centre was an addition to Cambridge Garage in 2006. In 2015 the accident repair centre relocated to its new premises in Wallington Industrial Estate, Fareham and in 2019 they opened their Chandlers Ford premises. Their repair centres are fully equipped with all the latest technology and management tracking systems.


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