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Rhodes Accident Repair Group recently opened its latest refurbished facility at Sutton Coldfield, boasting the most advanced combination of equipment and processes within a car repair centre.

Rhodes Accident Repair Group have recently re-opened their latest refurbished facility, the Sutton Coldfield site, boasting the most advanced combination of equipment within a car repair centre.

The investment included a Todd Engineering state of the art spray booth complex, including a Twin Preparation Station with a five car skate system leading to a high performance down draft Hercules spray booth. These booths have been fitted with a Nitrotherm Spray System and a Greentech Gas Catalytic technology drying unit, meaning that this site is the first UK thoroughly combined installation.

Pavel from PJ Rhodes quoted, ‘’The drying system is stunning and has cut down curing times and gas usage massively. This will surely repay the investment in an extremely short time.’’

Rhodes Group was slightly cynical about the Nitrotherm Spray system, but Todd Engineering flew in two specialists from the manufacturer in Italy to demonstrate, and although it’s early days, the system looks like a game-changer for Rhodes Accident Repair Group.

There is minimal overspray (waste); the material goes straight to the panel, and the paint finish is excellent, limiting any orange peel, sagging, or runs. The prediction is it will cut paint usage by 30-50%.

Nitrotherm Spray


  • Paint application labour saving of approximately 50% against conventional
  • Paint product saving of 30-50% dependent on conventional


Greentech Gas Catalytic Arch:


  • Up to 75% gas consumption saving
  • Paint curing 50% minimal time saving against baking conventionally, but 100% cured and cross-linked finish ready to refit and polish immediately


Rhodes Accident Repair Group is very pleased with its investment. Todd Engineering has transformed its shops at a competitive price and with the utmost professionalism. Although it may be a strange time to invest, when we all come through this, Rhodes Group will be ready to offer its repair partners the highest level of customer satisfaction.



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