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Todd Engineering's biggest spray booth order to date

Todd Engineering has been given the opportunity to once again work alongside C Waltons Ltd. By the end of August 2019, they will begin to install fifteen of their outstanding spray booths, with integrated Greentech technology into an upcoming project.

C Walton Ltd's is the second-largest fleet management company in the UK, and they are growing. They have recently acquired a new site, RAF Wyton airfield. They will be converting this airfield to vehicle storage so that once cars manufactured in Europe are received from the port via transporter, they can be checked for any transit damage. Vehicles are stored, and pre-delivery investigations are carried out, which involves cleaning and valeting the vehicles, including any minor repairs before vehicles are removed from the site on transporters and delivered to car dealerships.

For all this work Waltons will be commissioning a total of fifteen high-performance Hercules Spray booths and eight E6 plus Greentech Curing robots. This will be Todd Engineering biggest job so far, totalling just over one million pounds.

The 'Hercules' is a downdraught type spray booth which features Todd Engineering's LP157 HVEX low profile downdraught floor,

The downdraught design ensures all overspray and dirt is pulled immediately to floor level and held there during the spraying process; this eliminates overspray contaminating other areas of the paintwork and provides a perfect finish.

 Each booth includes a state-of-the-art LED lighting. The lighting is fitted with a hi-tech laser-etched 'Luminit' film, which removes the visual appearance of each individual LED and creates a flat panel of light which is distributed and angled to prevent glare and shadowing.

The primary vehicle entry doors are a three-leaf construction that opens in a concertina fashion which saves space on the doors overall opening distance. Door Hinges have been designed specifically for application in spray booths and are made through aluminium extrusion in a white powder-coated finish.

The Spraybooth control system is fully integrated with the E6 Robots for seamless and reliable operation; it uses the latest technology available to give the operator intelligent and user-friendly control of all processes.

The integration of eight Greentech E6 robotized IR arches will provide ultra-fast curing times along with greater throughput, efficiency and vast energy savings compared to conventional curing technologies.

Waltons are no stranger to this technology. Ian Strong, the Director of Technical Services & Compliance at C Walton Ltd (Bruntingthorpe) has commented on the existing Hercules spray booth, installed the second half of 2018 at C Walton's Bruntingthorpe:

"We use Robots for Drying because effectively, we need the speed of production. Production is geared around efficiency, and that efficiency comes from using the best equipment, that's why we Todd booths and the Greentech robots".

These dynamic, top of the range curing robots are game-changers for any Bodyshop looking to improve their production speed with significant energy savings compared to a standard spray booth.

It works by passing natural methane or LPG gas through a platinum-based catalyst which works to split the carbon and hydrogen atoms of the gas molecules to create heat. That energy is then passed through the front of the catalyst where it mixes with oxygen; the oxygen combines with carbon molecules to produce CO2 and with hydrogen to create H2O. The result is Infrared energy that is emitted out of the device in a uniform low-intensity heat.

The heat is in the form of medium wavelength energy which has a spectrum wavelength which can directly penetrate the molecule of any paint product; thus, allowing a full cure in just a few minutes!

For more information on this amazing combination and how it can help your business, please contact us on or 01889 503770.


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