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A D Williams and Todd Engineering.

Spartan spray booth for AD Williams

You may have spotted Todd Engineering Ltd in the recent issue of ABP Magazine (page 16) in an article discussing AD Williams, the growth they have already seen and what is to come for this compelling company.
Todd Engineering is privileged to be chosen to help AD Williams with their continued growth and has been commissioned for the installation of five new Spraybooths over three sites. They are starting with a classic Spartan Spraybooth at the award-winning Crawley site this week.
The Spartan boasts a high airflow rate resulting in 5 air changes per minute; this is accomplished using a highly efficient fan design and plant work configuration, combined with energy-efficient technology including variable speed drives and LED Lighting, ensures that the unit is very economical to run. The airflow design provides a good through-flow of air for removal of paint overspray & vapours without the need for underfloor excavation, floor grids, etc. This makes installation very quick & easy.
They will also be installing two Poseidon spray booths in each of the Southampton and Uxbridge sites later in the year.
Todd Engineering’s ‘Poseidon’ spray booth is a high specification, the high-performance machine designed to fulfil the needs of the most demanding body shops. It utilizes the latest technology available to achieve rapid and efficient process times, featuring Todd Engineering’s ‘Hydra-cure™’ water-based curing system as standard.
Todd Engineering Ltd and A D Williams have a long-standing and strong relationship, one which will aid this mutual growth over the coming years.


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