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Nitrotherm spray eco friendly equipment


In the manufacturing industry, the spraying of heavy equipment calls for tight control of costs and high volume throughput. Nitrotherm Spray machines are an innovation in time and cost savings that will revolutionise the productivity of your heavy equipment manufacturing operations.

What are the cost savings and productivity gains? 

20% saving on paint material costs

Faster spraying production reducing application time by 50%

How it achieves this…

Nitrotherm Spray is a better, more cost-effective alternative to traditional spraying methods.

The main difference is that instead of compressed air as the fluid carrier, it utilises ionised nitrogen. This reduces static and creates superior adhesion as well as a better finish. Our innovative system also lowers the viscosity of the paint and reduces the need for solvents.

This in turn:

Allows the possibility to paint wet-on-wet

Creates a shorter flash-off time

Less overspray and cleaning time needed of booths

Altogether this saves your precious time and increases productivity

High quality of finish.

Nitrotherm Spray allows you to apply paint and coatings in thin layers, wet-on-wet. This means typical paint flaws, including running, sags, drips and the orange peel effect, is gone.

What is more, paint viscosity is not affected by changing humidity, seasonal temperatures or climatic conditions. What this means is that the quality of output across your manufacturing spraying production is standardised and needs no temperature/humidity controlling equipment in place.

Nitrotherm also sprays with reduced turbulence so that less dirt results on the paint surface for higher quality results and no labour time needed for polishing.


If you're an established business looking to add some new equipment or a new company looking to make your vision a little more affordable, we are able to help with finance options. 




The UK's leading paint spray booth manufacturers, Todd Engineering ltd were founded by the Todd family in the early nineties.

The company's factory is located in Staffordshire, on the edge of the industrial midlands, close to many suppliers. A skilled workforce undertakes design and manufactures all the spray booths, many of whom have started with the company in an apprenticeship.

Todd Engineering is proud of its wide range of high-quality spray booths for sale and its ovens and Bodyshop equipment. Their efficient in-house installation, service, and customer care teams have all contribute to high customer satisfaction and the company's rapid growth over the last 30 years.

Todd Engineering manufactures all its spray booths in-house; they supply a wide variety of booths and equipment. They offer a range from the Olympian 1000 series spray booth, which suits independent bodyshops and businesses, to the Titan CV series, a commercial spray booth with industrial spray booth equipment.

Todd Engineering has been praised for treating each customer as an individual; they pride themselves in offering a bespoke service to ensure they deliver equipment to suit the customer's business needs.

Using the latest in spray booth technology, Todd offers an energy-efficient solution on many of their products to save you money and time.


Todd Engineering has formed a new partnership with Italian based Eurosider.

Todd Engineering has had success over the last couple of years with their partnership with Greentech Dryers, offering their customers a cost-effective solution to productivity and energy-saving within their spray booths.

Now Todd’s has also joined forces with Eurosider to offer their highly innovative product, the Nitrotherm Spray System.

What is Nitrotherm?

EUROSIDER®s patented NITROTHERM® SPRAY system is a revolution in coating application technology.
By introducing fundamental principles and application control, unavailable with normal compressed air, NITROTHERM® SPRAY gives users unprecedented control over the coating process.

Using the principle of selective permeation, NITROTHERM® SPRAY concentrates nitrogen contained in compressed air for use as the fluid carrier. Fluid temperature control and ionising further enhance the inherent performance advantages of nitrogen. Nitrogen is inert and anhydrous and NITROTHERM® SPRAY, with its fluid carrier temperature control, enables constant humidity and temperature values: two previously uncontrolled variables. Application conditions can therefore be controlled and consistent all day and in all seasons.

Through better adhesion, there’s also reduced overspray for less costly wastage and maintenance costs. Plus, the knock-on effect is reduced solvent use to enhance your green credentials.
Nitrotherm Spray lays flatter and takes fewer coats. Great news for your bottom line because it reduces application time by up to 50% and saves you at least 20% in paint costs. Another benefit from Nitrotherm is perfectly controlled flows in coating spray. It allows no change in viscosity, bringing outstanding control in all seasons or climatic conditions, eliminating the need for any humidity and temperature control systems.


Why integrate Nitrotherm Spray into your existing paint line?

There is no better way to improve your productivity, reduce costs, lower emissions and deliver consistent, high-quality finishes for all your demanding applications. The advanced patented Nitrotherm is revolutionising the way many industries professionally apply coatings, where surface applications are required.


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