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Todd Engineering’s Hydracure™ Water Based Curing system is available as an optional extra on all of our Spraybooth models, the system is pre-installed on our Poseidon series spray booths as standard. Alternatively, the system can be retrofitted onto any existing spray booth.

The system uses multi-directional nozzles located along both sides of the cabin to focus high pressure heated jets of air towards the painted surface. This agitates the airflow within the cabin to ‘push’ the water from paint and improve curing times of waterborne paints. Two high-pressure fans draw heated air directly from the clean zone within the cabin where it then passes through a filter and down to the high-pressure nozzles located above the LED lighting system.

Having the blowers situated above the lights means it will always deliver clean air and never be able to drag the dirt up from the floor and contaminate the paintwork while in use.

The Hydracure™ system operates on its own dedicated ‘Flash-off’ cycle which is pre-programmed into our control panels; this features separate temperature and time setpoints for the process which allows the operator to run a cycle with the simple press of a button.

Hydracure™ is also programmed to operate during the bake cycle which improves booth warm-up time and eliminates any cold spots, and this allows for any part or panel no matter where it is placed to reach 60°C (panel temp, not air temp) within 5-6 minutes allowing a full cure in a shorter overall bake time making throughput quicker, this also means everything that comes out of the bake cycle can be easily polished or worked on without fear of it still being soft which speeds up the whole process of completing the job.



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