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The E1 handheld drying lamp can dry body filler and small paint repairs in just 1 minute. Harness the power of catalytic gas technology within your business. 

Every Bodyshop has a requirement to dry small repairs quickly and cost-effectively, but using your main spray booth for this type of work ties up your valuable resource.

Every time you bring a small repair to your booth for filler or primer, a larger order doesn’t get painted and invoiced, costing you time and money. The E1 enables you to dry filler, high-build primer, and anything else you need to in just minutes, without leaving the stall where you’re repairing the vehicle.

GreenTech Dryers gas-powered IR drying systems and their excellent safety characteristics heat the substrate faster than other methods. The use of infrared ahead of convection cure also reduces total energy use. Infrared energy heats just the coating and the product surface to the temperature level where convection is effective, reducing cycle time and utility costs.

The E series range offers faster heating times without NOX and other toxic emissions and significantly more cost-effective than air-drying finishes. In addition to our automotive and industrial curing systems, we offer accessories.


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